Jean Monnet Chair

M. D. Chrysomallis, Associate Professor (Dr)

During the three year program, the following open-ended events will be organized:

International Scientific Conference entitled: "Rule of Law in the European Union: Acquis or in quest thereof?"
The Conference is scheduled for Spring 2017.

Round Table : "European Consitutionalism In Crisis?"
The Round Table is scheduled for Spring 2018.

Jean Monnet Meetings in the form of workshops on current issues of European integration and legal, political and economic developments. The organization of 4 Jean Monnet Meetings per academic year is scheduled.
The exact date of the organization of the above Jean Monnet Chair scientific events will be announced by newsletter.

Contact: Unit of International Studies Unit, Department of Law, Campus, P.O. 69100, Komotini - tel. 25310 39516, 39840, fax 25310 39515,