Working Group

Jean Monnet Chair

M. D. Chrysomallis, Associate Professor (Dr)

Rule of Law in the European Union:
Acquis or in quest thereof?


1.Chrisomallis Michail, Associate Professor in EU Law, Chairholder, programme coordinator.

2. Tzortzi Virginia, Ph.D. in EU Law, Teaching Fellow at DUTH Law School, Research Felllow.

3. Argalias Panagiotis, Ph.D. in International and EU Energy Law, Research Fellow.

4. Simitsi Ilektra, Master Degree in EU Law, Phd Candidate, DUTH Law School.

5. Tsibiridou Dimitra, Master Degree in EU Law, Graduate Scholar.

6. Anastasia Roufou, Master Degree in EU Law, Graduate Scholar.

7. Dermetzis Konstantinos, Secretariat.

Contact: Unit of International Studies Unit, Department of Law, Campus, P.O. 69100, Komotini - tel. 25310 39516, 39840, fax 25310 39515,