The Law School of Komotini is the first academic unit of the Democritus University of Thrace. It was established pursuant to Presidential Decree 374 / 22-6-1974 and started operating as a School in the academic year 1974-75. Then, having operated as a Law Department since 1982, it became an autonomous one-unit School by Presidential Decree 85/2013.In 2002 it was moved to its own building on the modern premises of the University Campus of Komotini.

Being in operation for almost fifty years , the Law School of the Democritus University of Thrace has recorded a hard and dynamic course, through which it has successfully met the challenges and managed to achieve Greek and international recognition.

Through high quality teaching and research projects of its academic staff and also through the continuous development of its infrastructure, the Law School of the Democritus University of Thrace has been in line with the European academic standards and has gained prestige and international reputation, to respond successfully to the demand for academic excellence.

Strongly influenced by the contemporary trends and requirements, the Law School undergraduate program monitors modern developments with the aim of providing a high level of academic education. Additionally, its postgraduate programs offer academic specialization in all areas of law, while they are constantly enriched with inter-departmental, interdisciplinary programs and international collaborations. The doctoral theses that are undertaken, along with post-doctoral research conducted at the Law School, contribute greatly to both qualitative and quantitative research.

Focused on high quality teaching provided by internationally renowned academics in both research and legal practice, the Law School of the Democritus University of Thrace is proud of the successful careers of its thousands of graduates.

Participation in international competitions, moot trials and other events through which the Law School is constantly getting numerous distinctions, organization of conferences and meetings related to various disciplines, international collaborations with universities and research institutions,  operation of laboratories and the Jean Monnet Chair awarded to the School  by the European Union, lectures and seminars by renowned jurists, participation in Erasmus mobility programs and cooperation with student organizations are among the opportunities provided to students of the Law School, for their individual progress and  the development of their legal thinking.