The nominal duration of studies in the Department of Law is four (4) years or eight semester equivalents. The curriculum includes forty five (45) courses. Of those, thirty six (36) are mandatory core courses, whereas the remaining nine (9) are chosen from a list of electives.

Upon enrollment the freshman is registered in at most three (3) electives from the following list:

  1. Economic Theory I: Professor George Hatzikonstantinou
  2. General Sociology: Lecturer Demosthenis Kassavetis
  3. International Organizations: Assistant Professor Konstantinos Antonopoulos
  4. Constitutional History: Associate Professor Symeon Minaidis, Assistant Professor Dionysios Filippou, Assistant Professor Stephanos Koutsoumbinas
  5. Criminology: Associate Professor Charalambos Demopoulos
  6. Roman Law: Professor Konstantinos Pitsakis, Associate Professor Maria Yiouni.
  7. Foreign Language: English, German

Courses from the above list not selected in first year can be chosen in the following seven (7) semesters. The enrollment forms are submitted in the months September-October for the odd-numbered semesters, and in months February-March for the even-numbered semesters.
The student may be tested for credit only in those courses for which he/she has enrolled. Courses offered are listed annually in the Department’s Curriculum.

Mandatory (core) courses of the first year programme are as follows:

  1. Constitutional Law I
  2. History of Law
  3. Civic Law
  4. Introduction to the Science of Law

Courses begin according with the current academic calendar (announced in the beginning of the academic year). Books are provided free of charge to all enrolled students, by the bookstore A. Sakkoula (Zoidou street 86-88, tel. 2531026323).

The enrolled student also receives a special pass for public transportation (entitling the holder with 25% reduction on ticket prices). This pass is a necessary document for many other transactions with the University administration, and the student must memorize his/her pass ID number.

Those interested for transfer to similar Departments in other Public Greek Universities would need proof of registration (from the Departmental Secretariat) and other supporting documents (postponement of military service for males); all the necessary paperwork must be submitted to the respective destination departments in the period 1-15 November of the year.