Dear students,

I congratulate you on your success and welcome you to the Faculty of Law of the Democritus University of Thrace. Your admission, which marks a significant change in your lives, coincides with the maturity of our Law School, which operates for nearly fifty years. During this period of time, through many difficulties but also through continuous effort and development, the Law School of Thrace has performed important teaching and research work, which is widely acknowledged both in Greece and abroad.

Today, with excellent infrastructure and experienced teaching and administrative staff, we are ready to support you in your admittedly demanding studies in Law, fully aware that you enter an unknown environment often far from your home and family. Day by day, in the lecture amphitheatre, elsewhere at the Law School and through the variety of academic process, you will establish a lasting bond with the School and your teachers, who will be always ready to support, advise and guide you through your studies on any problem you may encounter. Do not hesitate to contact them at any time.

In a challenging era, upon your enrolment you embark on a process of transition to citizens committed to serving law and justice as its functionaries, to the protection of the weak against any kind of authority, to the demonstration of democratic ethics and respect for the rule of law without reservations and annotations; this is everything that the University you are joining will try to instil in you. I wish you every success in this exciting, but also challenging journey.

With these thoughts and sharing with you the joy of success, I welcome you to Komotini and our Law School.


The Dean of the Law School

Professor Michael D. Chrysomallis