ID Course Number Μάθημα Διδάσκων Αίθουσα Ημέρα Ώρα Μονάδες Προαπαιτούμενα
Y1.1 Y1.1 Public International Law 8
Υ1.6 Υ1.6 Methodology of Law 4
Υ1.5 Υ1.5 Family Law 4
Υ1.4 Υ1.4 History of the Law 4
Υ1.3 Υ1.3 Introduction to Law and the Law of Law [co-teaching of three fields: Introduction to Private Law (Rule of Law-Persons-Right), Introduction to Public Law, Introduction to Commercial Law] 15
Υ1.2 Υ1.2 Constitutional Law I 4